Sober Living in Costa Mesa

NEW ARTICLE From the OC Register "Rehab Riviera: Addiction advertising can trick you to death" Read it HERE.

Commentary From the Daily Pilot "Sober living home solutions rely on residents reporting problems to state and federal governments" Read it HERE. (Sorry about the crummy pay wall on the Daily Pilot, so much for local press...)

NEW ARTICLE From the OC Register titled "California wrote its addiction treatment laws in the ’70s. Lawmakers say an update is in order California’s antiquated laws allow Rehab Riviera to thrive" Read it HERE.


We're number 2! Check out the multi part series from the OC Register regarding the rehab business in Southern California. The price to access the online article is worth it. Check it out HERE.

April 2018 List of facilities licensed by the State of California can be found Here.

In Costa Mesa, we have approximately 219 unlicensed sober living businesses reported by the community. (Red Pins)

Click HERE to go to the map.

Meeting Alert

Costa Mesa City Council

Tuesday April 17, 2018

If you have the time, please attend the Costa Mesa City Council meeting at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council chambers at 77 Fair Drive and make your voice heard. We have learned that attending the meeting(s) can make a difference. You can also email the City Council members and make your voice heard.

Stay Tuned

We will do our best to keep you informed when items come before the Planning Commission or the City Council.

TBON has never been against recovery. TBON is against the chaos that has resulted in our neighborhoods as a result of what the OC Register has recently referred to as “The new gold rush.”

We know this is something that will surprise many people, but we would like you to consider supporting the operator, Gregg Ohlhaver of Keystone Sober Living at 2152 Raleigh Avenue.

Mr. Ohlhaver is a Costa Mesa resident and has been a business owner in Costa Mesa for many years. Mr. Ohlhaver has been operating one sober living home in Costa Mesa for over 13 years. Keystone has been quietly providing a service to community members in need for many years before the other operators moved into the neighborhood. This is the type of operator that is good for the community. This operator has the support of the surrounding neighbors, there have been no complaints for the last decade, and the operator takes responsibility for the clients. A member of TBON talked to several neighbors to confirm that there are no complaints.

Legislative Help?

UPDATE This link to an article in the OC Register explains the status of the bill introduced by Assemlywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva, you can read about it HERE. Shortened version of the article: Lobbyists 1 Costa Mesa residents 0.

California State Assembly member Sharon Quirk-Silva from Fullerton has introduced Assembly Bill 572 calling for the State Department of Health Care Services to "locate an investigator within a participating county to investigate complaints against licensed adult alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment facilities within the county." The county that is referenced in AB 572 is ORANGE COUNTY.

You can check out the text of AB 572 HERE.

You can contact Assembly Member Quirk-Silva HERE.

Congressman Darrell Issa(R-Calif) has introduced a sober home reform bill in the House. Read about it HERE. TBON encourages you to contact Darrell Issa and show your support for the Safe Recovery and Community Empowerment Act (H.R. 6070).

Rumor Has It

New Operator In Costa Mesa?

Is it true that Sovereign Health will be moving into the old facility occupied by the Pat Moore Foundation on Newport Blvd?

Here are some links to articles about Sovereign Health:

From the OC Register Man stripped of UK medical license runs local rehab

From the San Clemente Patch San Clemente Files Complaint Against Sovereign Health Treatment Centers

From NBC news Teens Running Away From San Diego Rehab Facility

FYI the Pat Moore Foundation at that site had over 70 beds.

Have You Signed?

Our friends at Take Action San Clemente have started a petition to be presented to the California State Legislature urging them to take action regarding sober living facilities. We believe that this petition clearly identifies the issues that Costa Mesa residents are facing with the onslaught of sober living businesses in our city. We urge you to take the time to review the petition and sign it. Tell your friends that live in California about the petition. Together we can promote change for all of our communities. Please take the time to check out the petition and sign it HERE.

Click on the map for more information

costa mesa sober living map

What Can You Do?

There has been a surge in newly “curbed” sober living residents in our city. There has also been an increase in discarded needles and paraphernalia in every neighborhood. Councilwoman Foley is requesting resident assistance in identifying trouble areas such as bus stops, parks or cul-de-sac areas where users hang out and where drug paraphernalia is found. If you come across needles or other drug paraphernalia, call CMPD at 714-754-5252 immediately so an officer can come out to remove, document and dispose of the items. This will also be reported directly to code enforcement and documented.

The City is requesting help in identifying problem residences. Please call code enforcement directly at 714-754-4856 to report any rehab home issues. The early morning contact number for code enforcement officer Mike Brumbaugh is 714-754-5021 (beginning at 5:00 a.m.)

Get to know your neighbors! Share information with your neighbors. Set up a Neighborhood Watch. It has been very effective in Newport Beach and San Clemente to "circle the wagons" and work together.

Report Problems! Report illegal drug use/sales, excessive smoking/vaping, excessive noise, illegal parking, individuals fighting, individuals urinating/defacating in public, individuals engaging in sex acts in public, trespassing, digging through trashcans, etc.

Costa Mesa Police non-emergency number is 714-754-5252


If you witness an emergency, call 911.

Document! Write down who/what/when/where etc. Take pictures if you can safely, remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Get Involved! Attend the Planning Commission meetings. Attend the City Council Meetings. Do not send emails or letters to the city, in our experience, emails and letters are ignored. They can't ignore you if you show up. It is very important that people other than TBON show up.

Tell your neighbors and friends! Tell your neighbors and friends to attend. Be mindful of the language that you use, make it clear that you are not against recovery, but are "against the over concentration of sober living businesses in Costa Mesa that have overwhelmed the residential neighborhoods and created a hostile environment that puts families under siege".

Tell your story! Offer examples of the problems that you have had to deal with. Be specific. For example, describe the excessive smoking, vaping, swearing, harassment, trash, needles, drug use on your property, break-ins, trespassing, etc. It is important that information be put on the public record.

We can't stress enough how important it is that people show up for the meetings/hearings. TBON needs community support. Together we will make a difference.


There is a petition on by a group calling themselves TB on Costa Mesa. THIS IS NOT US. We do not have a petition on While we support the rights of the group to exercise their freedom to petition their government, we respectfully request that they come up with their own original organization name.

The Stats

Costa Mesa (pop.112,174) has one licensed facility for every 984 residents.

Download Today

"The Business of Recovery" is available for download on iTunes, Amazon and Google.

If you are in the mood for another movie, we highly recommend the movie "The Big Short." Several people who have seen this movie are convinced it can be applied to the rehab/sober living business model.

News & Info For You

From the OC Register "Sober-living operator agrees to shut down three sites in Costa Mesa as part of settlement" Read it HERE.

Does this happen in Costa Mesa? "Long shower leads to stabbing, arrest at Dana Point sober living facility" Read about it at the OC Register HERE

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Councilwoman Katrina Foley traveled to Washington D.C. to speak with legislators regarding the sober living issue in our area. Read about it at the OC Register HERE. Or read about it at the Daily Pilot HERE.

From the OC Register titled "Detox can end in death at some ‘non-medical’ Southern California rehabs" Read it HERE.

From the Daily Pilot "H.B. and Costa Mesa account for more than 1,200 opioid-related ER visits in 4 years in O.C. study" Read it HERE

Interesting Read from NPR titled "Beach Town Tries To Reverse Runaway Growth Of 'Sober Homes'" HERE

From the OC Register explaining why we won't be getting an investigator for State Licenced facilities based out of Orange County. Read it HERE.

From the OC Register titled "Rags to riches to rags: How a booming addiction treatment biz goes bankrupt." Read it HERE.

Shooting at a sober living home in Tustin. Is this the State Licensed Facility known as "Chapman House"? Read about the incident in the OC Register HERE.

From the OC Register titled "California the over-regulator? Not for addiction treatment" Read it HERE.

From the OC Register "Addiction treatment: The new gold rush. ‘It’s almost chic’" Read it HERE.

Federal Agents searching Sovereign Healthcare in San Clemente. Are we sure we want this operator in Costa Mesa? From the OC Register HERE.

The OC Register's Excellent multi part series on the "Rehab Riviera" HERE.

OC Register article on patient brokering HERE.

OC District Attorney files fraud charges relating to sober living homes (from the OC Register) HERE

A list of failed legislation in California can be downloaded HERE.

Tragic end of a life for young person just out of rehab. HERE (from the OC Weekly).

More crime directly related to the sober/rehab businesses in Costa Mesa? Read about a kicked out client and his multi city police chase HERE (from the Daily Pilot).

The state may pull the license of a detox home in Costa Mesa where a patient died. Read about it HERE or HERE.

Costa Mesa residents are getting frustrated with the sober living crisis in Costa Mesa accordint to the recap of the December 5 Planning Commission meeting from the Daily Pilot. Read about it HERE.

Fire at a Costa Mesa sober living home. Read about it HERE and HERE.

Remeber the shooting at the sober living home on Babb Street? Read about what happened that night HERE.

Rehab mogul arrested and charged in Los Angeles (from the LA Times). Could this happen in Costa Mesa? Read about it HERE.

A story on the rehab mogul appeared in the LA Weekly awhile back. Read about it HERE.

More crime directly related to sober living in Costa Mesa. Read about the stolen U-Haul in the Daily Pilot HERE.

Congressman Darrell Issa(R-Calif) has introduced a sober home reform bill in the House. Read about it HERE. TBON encourages you to contact Darrell Issa and show your support for the Safe Recovery and Community Empowerment Act (H.R. 6070).

Solid Landings pulls out of Long Beach without a press conference. Read about it in the Long Beach Beachcomber HERE.

A whole bunch of people showed up to a meeting about sober living homes in San Clemente. You can read about it HERE.

Costa Mesa is not the only city dealing with the over concentration of sober living/rehab businesses, read about Prescott AZ HERE.

Laguna Niguel instituted a moratorium on new sober living/rehab businesses in residential areas. From the OC Register HERE.

This is how sober living businesses should be handled in a residential area. Check out the new rules in San Clemente HERE.

More crime in Costa Mesa connected to a sober living business? "Police looking for slasher in Costa Mesa" Read about it HERE.

Check out the city of Dana Point taking action against sober living businesses in their city HERE

Attempted murder at a sober living home in Costa Mesa. Read about it HERE and HERE and watch a video HERE. (June 20, 2016)

Another former recovery client breaks into a home in Costa Mesa read about it HERE. (June 13, 2016)

Former recovery client breaks into home in Costa Mesa, read about it HERE. (June 9, 2016)

More trouble for Solid Landings, they are being sued by United Healthcare for fraud. Read about it HERE and HERE.

WHOOPS! Guess the celebration about Solid Landings closing 15 homes was a bit premature. Read about the new sober living/rehab company moving in at 973 Arbor Street HERE and HERE.

The Solid Landings property at 1965 Orange has been on the market for sale since January 19, 2016 according to the Villa website HERE

Keep an eye on the Solid Landings site at 2190 Placentia. It is not for sale, it is a lease. Do you think another operator will move in like the Arbor Street property?

We have the agreement between the City of Costa Mesa and Solid Landings! You can download it HERE.

Are recent investigations by HealthNet why Solid Landings is closing up shop in Costa Mesa? Read about it HERE.

What about the other lawsuit with Yellowstone? Read about it HERE.

Costa Mesa's ordinance "gives special permission to live in group settings in single family neighborhoods" from the LATimes HERE.

From the Daily Pilot, a horrible case of failed drug treatment in Costa Mesa. Read about it HERE.

Trouble at the recovery home on Cibola. From the Daily Pilot, read about it HERE.